Recently an American Missionary in Mexico City contacted us asking for tracts for Jewish people. His church is in the middle of 40-thousand Jewish people . After sending him the tracts we sent our missionary in Cuba to Mexico. As a result the church there wants us to come back and assist them in starting a ministry to the Jewish people. We spoke to the Pastor and he is excited to have us come. Interestingly, he knew the Pastor in California that we have been helping start a ministry to the Jewish people. Coinsidence? I think not!

We will be traveling to Mexico on March 12-17 to conduct a special training Outreach at the Church there.  There are at least 12 members of this good Church who want to form a special group to reach out to the Jewish people of their area.

We will be training in the morning and evening and then going out to the street during the day to visit he Jewish people.

On Sunday we will be holding a special Honor Israel service and will be inviting the Jewish people to come for a message and a meal.

Please help us financially as there are many costs involved in this major effort!