Most Christians would like to be able to witness to their Jewish friends, but do not because they do not know how to begin. “Go to Learn” will give you a starting place in sharing your faith with someone who is Jewish.

You must know what Jewish people believe before you can effectively share with them what you believe. That is why when we call on the Jewish people; we “Go to Learn”

This book gives detailed information about Jewish people and how to answer the many questions that will come your way as you share your faith.. When used with JEM’s correspondence course, coming soon, you will be able to effectively share the Gospel message of Jesus the Messiah.

Go to Learn will give you some starting tips and Do’s and Don’ts on how to start and end your conversation with your Jewish friend. In addition there are Jewish customs and Messianic prophecies that are fulfilled. This book is a MUST for anyone who has a desire to be a witness to Jewish people!

Witnessing to the Jewish people requires skill and insight. This book, “Go to Learn,” is a source you will refer to again and again as you seek to present the Messiah, Jesus to your Jewish friends. Its pages contain useful advice, the best Scriptures to use and things to avoid when contacting Jewish people with a Christian witness.


  • Go to learn
  • Witnessing to your Jewish friends
  • The Jewish Religion
  • Butter, Boys and Bibles
  • How shall they hear? (picture)
  • Visiting a Jewish Home
  • Using Jewish items in witness
  • Using Passover to Show Messiah
  • What about the six Million
  • Witnessing With Isaiah 53
  • Jewish Objections to Messiah